Airsoft gun case

Airsoft Gun Case And Bags

If you play airsoft frequently, are you trying to store or transport your weapons and equipment? A good airsoft gun case could be just what you need to turn things around. With these cases, you can be sure that your equipment is always organised and protected from harm. 

The Best Airsoft Gun Cases for Your Gear

The best airsoft gun cases and bags are listed below, and they ensure excellent quality and protection for your equipment. Because these cases are made to last, your airsoft guns and accessories will remain safe whether you’re storing them or travelling with them. With their robust construction and customisable features, these premium cases provide you the peace of mind you need to protect your expensive gear from harm. Discover which of these suggested airsoft gun cases best suits your needs and up your game when it comes to storage and transit.

1.M4 Airsoft Gun Bag Saviour Equipment Transportation

M4 Airsoft Gun Case
BrandSavior Equipment
ColorOlive Drab Green
Closure TypeZipper

About This Item 

With our extremely durable airsoft gun case, you may enjoy the pinnacle of durability. Constructed from robust industrial 600D PVC nylon, this case guarantees your equipment with unwavering protection. With extra storage compartments for your equipment, its incredibly roomy design easily fits two rifles and two handguns. Because both gun compartments have lockable zipper sliders to ensure secure storage, safety is of the first importance. Enjoy the extra features as well, such the handy backpack straps for portability, a D-ring, a paracord zipper, and a Molle grid. Our Saviour Warranty provides an unquestionable lifelong guarantee, so you can relax. Love it or send it back without asking questions. You can rely on excellent quality and protection for your airsoft accessories.


  • Exceptionally durable 600D PVC nylon construction
  • Ample space for 2 rifles, 2 pistols, plus extra compartments
  • Secure storage with lockable zipper sliders
  • Deluxe features: Molle grid, paracord zipper, D-ring, backpack straps
  • Savior Warranty: Unquestioned lifetime guarantee


  • Potential bulkiness due to ample storage capacity
  • Limited color choices available

2. 46" Deluxe Tactical Padded Rifle Bag w/ External Pockets

46" tactical rifle bag multicam
Product Dimensions46″L x 2.8″W x 8.3″H
Closure TypeZipper

About This Item 

With our adaptable soft rifle bag, you can easily and safely travel your firearms. Its interior divider, which can be changed for a customised fit, and adjustable strap guarantee that your rifles stay firmly in place. It is designed to store one or two rifles. To make the most space when carrying two rifles, it is advisable to remove gun accessories.

With 0.70-inch thick cushioning for your guns, the outside offers robust protection made of sturdy, water-resistant polyester. With three magazine pockets and a sizable zipper compartment, its spacious design allows you to store all of your necessary tools and supplies.

Including two-way lock zippers for increased security and MOLLE loops for attaching additional tactical bags or accessories. There are comfortable carrying choices thanks to the detachable shoulder strap and sturdy padded carry handle.


  • Adjustable capacity for one or two rifles
  • Durable, water-resistant polyester construction
  • Multiple pockets for accessories
  • MOLLE loops for extra attachments
  • Two-way lock zippers for added security
  • Comfortable carrying options
  • Specifically designed for 40-41 inch rifles


  • Removal of gun accessories recommended for dual rifle use
  • Size limitations for larger firearms

3. Tactical Rifle Hard Waterproof Case

Airsoft gun rifle waterproof case
Product Dimensions38.46″L x 16.3″W x 6.18″H
Item Weight13.67 Pounds

About This Item 

Our sturdy case is strong and adaptable, providing watertight protection for firearms, scopes, magazines, and rifles as well as shotguns. With layers of solid and egg crate foam, its adjustable pluck and pull foam insert ensures customised storage and offers excellent impact protection.

This IP67-rated case protects your belongings even in challenging environments because it is dustproof and waterproof. When elevation varies, the automated pressure equalisation valve keeps the internal air pressure constant. Stainless steel hasp protectors and spring locks make it simple to secure your equipment.

Its wheels and foldable handle make it easy to move, as it is made to be portable. It is made to last a lifetime of use and has stainless steel hinges and crushproof PP construction. complies with airline and TSA safety requirements.

The measurements are as follows: front 38.46″ x 16.30″ x 6.18″, back 35.75″ x 13.58″ x 5.47″, weight 13.67 lbs. The design of its grooved bottom permits.


  • Versatile use for rifles, shotguns, guns, scopes, and magazines
  • Customizable foam insert for tailored storage and impact protection
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67-rated) with O-ring gasket
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve for elevation changes
  • Secure locking mechanism with spring locks and hasp protectors
  • Portable with wheels and folding handle
  • Durable construction with crushproof PP and stainless steel hinges
  • Meets TSA and airline safety requirements


  • May be relatively heavy at 13.67lbs
  • Limited to specified dimensions for storage

4. Fouos Tactical Rifle Bag 32" To 45"

Fouos Tactical Rifle Bag
Closure TypeZipper
Strap TypeAdjustable,Carry Strap,Shoulder Strap

About This Item 

Made from sturdy, high-density Nylon, This Airsoft Gun Case is available in lengths of around 81, 94, and 115 cm. Because measurements are taken by hand, there may be very tiny variations.

Sleek and functional, this item has a large zippered compartment on the rear and two little zippered and two Velcro flip pouches that are perfect for magazines or small items. Comfortable and secure carrying is ensured by its two hand-carry straps, chest strap, and adjustable padded shoulder strap. Additional protection is provided by the substantial cushion padding.

Suitable for a variety of tactical activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, hunting, and more, this product is ideal for those who enjoy being outside.

Note that hand measuring may result in small variances in measurements. We appreciate your understanding.


  • Durable high-density Nylon material
  • Multiple pouches for magazine and small gear storage
  • Spacious zipper compartment on the backside
  • Versatile carrying options with hand straps and padded shoulder strap
  • Thick cushion padding for enhanced protection
  • Ideal for various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and hunting


  • Possible minor measurement differences due to manual measuring
  • Limited size options (81cm, 94cm, 115cm)
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