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Best Airsoft shotgun

On the battlefield, best airsoft shotgun is a rare and formidable option because they offer unmatched power and accuracy in close-quarters fighting situations. These adaptable guns, which draw inspiration from their real-world equivalents, provide enthusiasts with an exhilarating gameplay experience that blends accuracy and pure excitement. These shotguns come in a variety of models, each serving a distinct play style and desire, from pump-action to gas-powered variations. We’ll dive into the world of Airsoft shotguns in this in-depth guide, covering its types, mechanics, customisation choices, and tactics to give both novice and expert players the knowledge they need to rule the field with these formidable weapons.

How We Choose The Best Airsoft Shotguns?

A great gaming experience is ensured by carefully considering a number of important elements while choosing the perfect Airsoft shotgun. Take these vital actions to successfully handle this decision:

Purpose Identification: Determine how you will use it for close-quarters combat, skirmishes, or particular tactical roles on the field?
Type Assessment: Recognise the several kinds of shotguns that are available, such as spring-loaded, gas-powered, and pump-action models, to fit your tastes and style of play.
Performance Criteria: Examine features like FPS (feet per second), precision, and dependability to make sure the shotgun you select will meet your performance requirements.
Build Quality Examination: Examine the construction, materials used, and general endurance to ensure robustness and lifetime over long game sessions.
Customization Options: Take into account the shotgun’s customizability, which includes the option to add accessories, attach them, and modify them to suit your particular gameplay requirements.

These guidelines will help you choose the best Airsoft shotgun more quickly and easily while making sure it suits your tastes and style of play.

1. BBTac Shorty Pump Action Spring Airsoft Shotgun M401 Powerful FPS with Clip

Airsoft spring powered gun
Product Dimensions21″L x 2″W x 7″H
Item Weight1 Pounds
Team NameBBTac
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material TypeAluminum
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item 
Realistic Pump-Action Spring Loaded Airsoft Shotgun Made of Plastic and Polymer Imported Strong FPS Tactical Top Rail for attaching tactical accessories like optics
Compact and short shape, ideal for CQB games, and lightweight
20 Rounds Removable Mag Clip for Easy Loading
Sturdy and Robust Material Made of ABS Polymer


  1. Powerful FPS: High Feet Per Second rating ensures impressive shooting velocity.
  2. Pump Action: Realistic and immersive shooting experience.
  3. Compact: Maneuverable size for easy navigation in tight spaces.
  4. Clip Magazine: Reloading quickly and effectively to maintain fire.
  5. Durability: Sturdy build capable of withstanding rough gameplay.


  1. Limited Capacity: Magazine might need frequent reloading.
  2. Range Limitation: Effective range may be limited compared to longer-barreled shotguns.

2. Airsoft Shotgun Single Shot Pump Action

Lancer tactical rifle
BrandLancer Tactical
Product Dimensions36″L x 1.5″W x 7″H
Item Weight4 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSingle Shot Pump Action
Barrel Material TypeMetal
Frame MaterialMetal

About This Item 
Single Shot Pump Action: Provides a lifelike shooting experience
Muzzle Velocity: 300–330 fps using 0.12 g BBs for superior accuracy and range
hefty whole metal A realistic look and feel are provided by barrel construction.
Comfortable length stock, textured grip, and handguard with grooves for better handling and grip—even while wearing gloves
Simple pump action design resembles classic pump action shotguns.
Easy carrying with two point slings is made possible by the front and rear sling mounting locations.
Perfect for fans of airsoft who want a realistic and powerful pump action shotgun for their collection or airsoft games.

✅ Pros:

  1. Full Metal Barrel: Enhances durability and realism.
  2. Single Shot Pump Action: Realistic shooting experience.
  3. 300 FPS: Decent velocity for accuracy and range.


  1. Limited Fire Rate: Single shot action may slow down gameplay.
  2. Potential for Reload Delays: Manual reloading between shots.

3. Pump Airsoft Shotgun Sawed Off Gun

Double eagle pump rifle
BrandDouble Eagle
Product Dimensions20″L x 2″W x 5″H
Item Weight2.74 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material TypeMetal
Frame MaterialMetal

About This Item 
Power 320 FPS, Accurate to 100 Feet, Full Size 21.5″ Length, Spring PUMP (no gas or batteries needed) Shooting Mode
Contains 50 AMMO rounds and a detachable speed loader. A 19-round magazine with a faux wood stock and grip, and an adjustable hop-up metal barrel for accuracy



  1. Powerful FPS: 320 FPS for good shooting power.
    Compact Sawed-Off
  2. Design: Maneuverable in tight spaces.
    No Batteries or Gas
  3. Required: Operates on spring pump action.
  4. Includes Ammo: Comes with 6mm BBS BBs for immediate use.
  5. Realistic Replica: Full-size design for authenticity.


  1. Limited Capacity: Holds 19 rounds in the detachable magazine.
  2. Manual Pump Action: Might be slower compared to automatic guns.
  3. Potential Weight: Metal components may add to the overall weight.
  4. Shorter Barrel Length: Might slightly impact accuracy compared to longer-barreled models.

4. Airsoft High FPS Shot Gun Pump Action

Golden ball high FPS rifle



Item Weight4 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material TypePolymer

About This Item 
20mm Picatinny under rail attachment for foregrips on an aggressively built muzzle break
Shouldered for stability is a skeletonized complete stock.
Various sling types can be attached using the front and rear sling points.
robust polymer construction and barrel assembly
Target acquisition is improved with detachable front and rear sights.
Comfortable to use is the ergonomic Airsoft pistol grip.
More grip for easier pumping is provided by the fore-end’s unique shape.
Tri-shot spread of BBs is fired by an airsoft shotgun.


  1. High FPS: Offers impressive FPS for powerful shots.
  2. Tri-Shot Action: Fires three BBs simultaneously, enhancing hit probability.
  3. Pump Action: No need for external power sources like batteries or gas.
  4. Realistic Design: Authentic replica for a true-to-life feel.


  1. Limited Range: Might have a shorter effective range compared to some other airsoft guns.
  2. Ammo Consumption: Tri-shot action can use up ammo quickly.
  3. Reloading Time: Requires reloading after each set of shots.
  4. Bulkier Size: May be less maneuverable in tight spaces compared to smaller models.

5. Tactical Force Tri Shot 6mm BB

Tri shoot rifle spring powered
BrandElite Force
Product Dimensions30″L x 2.5″W x 6.25″H
Item Weight3 Pounds
Team NameSpring-Piston
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Frame MaterialPolymer

About This Item 
With our Spring Powered 3 Shot Burst Airsoft Shotgun, feel the rush of quick fire action. Handling throughout games is effortless thanks to its lightweight build and compact cruiser shape, which also offers agility. This shotgun lets you customise it to your taste thanks to its 20mm top accessory rail. Plus, seven 30-round 6mm airsoft shotgun ammunition are supplied for more enjoyment. In need of additional ammunition? It works with the 2278995 spare magazine part number. Prepare for fierce airsoft combat with this adaptable, powerful shotgun.


  • Triple shot capability
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy polymer build
  • Reliable spring-piston power
  • Includes 30-round 6mm BB shells
  • 20mm top accessory rail


  • Limited range
  • Slower individual shell reloading

6. Evike Airsoft Multi Shell Shotgun

Multi shell Airsoft Shotgun
Frame MaterialPlastic, Metal

About This Item 
With our exclusive model in Tan, experience tremendous airsoft action. Unless specifically stated otherwise, this airsoft gun—which is meant just for airsoft play—comes without optics, batteries, a charger, or any other extra attachments. Be aware that the preinstalled Blaze Orange tips may differ from the photographs to comply with regulatory regulations. When making a purchase, please check all the details. 

There may be a need for assembly. This airsoft gun has 280–306 FPS of firepower and is made of a sturdy injection-molded polymer receiver, action, and furniture. With Tokyo Marui-style 30-round Airsoft shotgun shells, the pump action holds three rounds of ammunition. Close-quarters combat circumstances are ideal for the tri-shot system, which fires three BBs with every trigger pull. 

Savour its Keymod handguard with Picatinny rail and Picatinny top rail with attachment points for side Keymods. The flip-up front is one of its features.


  1. 3-round burst capability
  2. Multi-shot shell loading
  3. Stable full stock design
  4. Keymod for accessory customization
  5. Unique tan color


  1. Accessory details not specified
  2. Potential assembly required
  3. Limited FPS information


7. Evike Soft air Mossberg Licensed M590 Chainsaw

Evike Airsoft shotgun Mossberg Licensed M590 Chainsaw
Team NameCybergun
Air Gun Power TypeBattery, Electric
Barrel Material Typepolymer
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item 
Learn about the might of the Mossberg Airsoft shotgun, which is fully licenced! Please be aware that this is not a stand-alone component for actual guns and that, unless otherwise noted, it does not come with batteries, scopes, or other attachments.
This shotgun features a heavy-duty 180-round high-capacity magazine, high-strength ABS polymer construction, and a blaze orange muzzle tip as required by federal law. It has rails on the handguard for simple connection of lights and other accessories, and it has a cocking grip.
This shotgun has an aggressive muzzle and a top rail made for optics, giving it an FPS range of 300 to 355. Remember that some assembly may be required, particularly with larger or bespoke Airsoft guns.


  1. Fully licensed by Mossberg
  2. High-strength ABS polymer construction
  3. 180-round hi-capacity magazine
  4. Cocking grip included
  5. Rails for attachments on handguard
  6. Top rail for optics
  7. Aggressive muzzle design
  8. FPS range: 300 – 355


  1. Accessories not included by default
  2. Potential assembly required
  3. Blaze orange muzzle tip mandated

8. Airsoft Shotgun With Spring Pump

Airsoft Shotgun Spring Pump
BrandThe Production Shop
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material Typeplastic
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item

Learn about the best shotgun action possible with a spring system! For ease of handling, our Pump Action Shotgun features an ammo strap and a pistol grip. Ensuring durability without sacrificing performance, this heavy-duty pistol has an extensible stock that holds four ammo shells. Make a statement with our unique Adjustable Hop Up System, a unique product on the market. With the Tactical Flash Light, you can take control even in low-light situations and improve your accuracy with the Red Dot System. With this outstanding shotgun built for power and accuracy, you may fire with greater precision and enjoyment.


  1. Reliable Spring Action: Dependable firing mechanism.

  2. Affordable Option: Often budget-friendly compared to other types.

  3. Safe for Recreation: Ideal for casual target shooting and sports.

  4. No External Power Required: No need for batteries or gas.


  1. Limited Range and Power: Shorter range compared to other airsoft guns.

  2. Slower Rate of Fire: Pump action requires manual cycling between shots.

  3. Less Realism: May lack the realism of gas or electric-powered models.

  4. Maintenance Required: Regular maintenance needed for optimal performance.

9. Airsoft M58B Pump Power Spring

Airsoft pump power
Item Weight4 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston, Pump Action Shotgun
Barrel Material TypeMetal
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item

With our 400 FPS airsoft rifle, you can feel powerful and convenient! able to discharge a weapon.This rifle guarantees accuracy and precision in your shooting endeavours with its high-velocity 12g BBs. A free sling and speed loader are included as a bonus, adding value and making it simpler to carry and reload during intensive gameplay. You won’t need to reload frequently because to the 14-round magazine capacity. It is prohibited to send this product into the state of New York. With this strong, adaptable, and cooperative gun, you can improve your airsoft experience.


  1. Powerful FPS: Shoots at 400 FPS, offering good velocity.

  2. Pump Action: Reliable and realistic operation for added immersion.

  3. Compact Size: Shorty design offers maneuverability in tight spaces.

  4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand regular use.


  1. Limited Range: Shorter range compared to longer-barreled models.

  2. Manual Reloading: Requires manual pump action between shots.

  3. Less Realism: Shorty design might sacrifice some realism for maneuverability.

10. Air-soft SMG Spring Submachine

Airsoft machine gun
Product Dimensions9.4″L x 1.7″W x 7.6″H
Team NameSpring
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material Typeplastic
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item 

This gear has a single-shot cock and shoot style for ease handling, and it is made of sturdy, high-impact plastic. It has a detachable 18-round extended clip for extra convenience. Utilising 6mm 0.12g BBs, reach a muzzle velocity of 260 FPS to guarantee power and accuracy. Please be advised that adolescents using this device must have parental or legal guardian supervision.


  1. Easy Handling: Lightweight and user-friendly for beginners.
  2. Decent FPS: Offers a reasonable velocity of 250 FPS.
  3. 18-Round Clip: Provides ample rounds before needing to reload.


  1. Limited Power: FPS might be lower compared to higher-end models.
  2. Spring Mechanism: Requires manual cocking for each shot, not ideal for rapid-fire situations.
  3. Basic Features: Lacks advanced functionalities found in more expensive airsoft guns.


Airsoft shotguns are great weapons that add excitement and versatility to any airsoft game. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a reliable starter gun or a seasoned player looking for a new challenge, Shotgun offers a thrilling gameplay experience. By understanding the different types of shotguns, their advantages, and how to use them effectively, you can elevate your airsoft skills and dominate the battlefield with style.


Sure! Yes, there are airsoft shotguns you can play with. They look and work like real shotguns but shoot plastic pellets instead of bullets. You can find them in different types, like spring-powered, gas-powered, or electric-powered. These shotguns are great for close-up battles and come in handy for different gameplay styles. Whether you prefer pump-action or semi-automatic, there’s an airsoft shotgun for you to enjoy!

Airsoft shotguns can be practical for certain situations. They’re great for close-up battles because they shoot multiple pellets at once, increasing the chance of hitting targets. Some shotguns can fire quickly, making them handy in fast-paced games. But whether they’re practical depends on factors like the player’s skill and the rules of the game. Some players love using shotguns, while others might prefer different guns for their style of play.

Yes, airsoft shotguns can be great for beginners. They’re simple to use and don’t need a lot of maintenance, making them easy for newcomers. With a shotgun, you don’t have to aim as precisely, thanks to the spread of pellets, which is helpful for beginners learning to hit targets. Still, it’s essential for beginners to think about what they like in a gun, as some may prefer the straightforwardness of a shotgun, while others might like different types. Overall, airsoft shotguns are a practical and fun choice for people just starting in the sport.

Yes, in airsoft, shotguns fire BBs. These are small plastic pellets used in airsoft games. When you shoot a shotgun in airsoft, it fires several BBs at once, just like a real shotgun scatters pellets. Whether it’s a pump action or a semi-automatic shotgun, the goal is to shoot BBs at targets during the game. This makes the shotgun a popular choice, especially in close combat where it is important to hit targets quickly.

A 2-shot shotgun shell is a type of ammo used in shotguns. It contains two small pellets or projectiles inside the shell. These shells are often used for hunting birds or small animals because the multiple pellets increase the chance of hitting a moving target. They can also be used for self-defense, as they spread out when fired, making it easier to hit a target. Just like with any ammo, it’s important to know how to use 2-shot shotgun shells safely and responsibly.

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