Double Barrel Shotgun

Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun

Take a look at the might of the Farsan Airsoft double barrel shotgun, often known as “Mad Max.” Its recognisable style radiates strength, and the actual wood furniture provides a realistic touch. This shotgun is more than just an airsoft weapon; it’s also a striking mantlepiece.

With a shell-loaded system that holds five shots per shell, this break-open shotgun is impressive. It becomes effortless to fire precisely and controllably when each barrel has its own trigger.

Discover a variety of airsoft weapons and accessories, such as the Farsan Shotgun Shells, which work flawlessly with this outstanding shotgun.

What’s in the package:
One Short 6mm Double Barrel Gas Shotgun (Farsan Real Wood 0521) – Two Shells
– User Manual (x1)

Take a look at the Farsan “Mad Max” shotgun and experience its raw beauty and imposing presence!

Originating ArmoryREMINGTON
Replica TypeSHOTGUN
Capacity (rds)2
Power (fps)200
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeLever Action
Net Weight (kg)1.67
Length (mm)485.0
Content Included

Natural Wood 0521 6mm Double Barrel Gas Airsoft Shotgun 

  • Features:
  • Sawed-Off Style
  • Break Open Loading
  • Two Triggers for Each Barrel
  • 5rd Capacity Per Shell
  • Designed to Work with Green Gas
  • Real Wood Furniture
Airsoft double Barrel Shotgun

The Impact of Airsoft Double Barrel Shotguns

Not many things compare to the rush of firing a double barrel shotgun in an airsoft game, which is always appealing to fans of the hobby. For players looking for an advantage in performance and style, the airsoft double barrel shotgun stands out as a game-changer thanks to its distinctive design and intimidating presence on the field.

Double Barrels Airsoft shotgun

Unmatched Power and Precision

The powerful performance of these airsoft weapons is one of its distinguishing qualities. With its twin barrels, they guarantee a powerful shot that combines impact and precision with a single stroke of the trigger. Players can frequently fire both barrels simultaneously thanks to this special configuration, which doubles the intensity and increases the impact of each shot.

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Aesthetics and Realism

Apart from their practical use, these shotguns are impressive to see. Their meticulously crafted design embodies the essence of authentic double barrel shotguns, enhancing the visual appeal of your equipment. The realistic appearance gives your airsoft experience more depth, which improves immersion and gives the game a true sense.

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Tips for Using an Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun

Practice Precision: These shotguns require precision due to their power. Take your time developing your aim and learning how to shoot accurately.
Control Reloads: Pay attention to reloading times. Make good use of cover to reload and plan your shots for optimal effect.
Upkeep is Essential: Maintaining and cleaning your shotgun on a regular basis will guarantee lifespan and reliable functioning.

Where to Find Airsoft Double Barrel Shotguns?

Airsoft guns and accessories are the speciality of several respectable retailers. Players can chose from a variety of models available on online platforms and in specialised stores, according on their tastes, financial constraints, and desired features.

We recommend Redwolfairsoft 

In Conclusion

An airsoft double barrel shotgun’s power, accuracy, and aesthetic appeal are all combined to create its charm. This distinctive weapon provides an exciting experience on the airsoft battlefield, regardless of experience level.

Take advantage of the excitement, exert control, and feel the rush of adrenaline that comes from winning with an airsoft double barrel shotgun.

Always remember that responsible gaming and safety come first. Learn the rules in your area and make safety the first priority whenever you play airsoft.

Enjoy your gaming!


A double-barrel shotgun is really useful for lots of things. People like it because it’s good for hunting, shooting sports, and protecting your home. It’s easy to use and can shoot twice without needing to reload. That’s great for catching fast-moving targets when you’re hunting birds or shooting clay pigeons. You can even put different types of bullets in each barrel for different situations. Overall, it’s a popular choice for many different activities because it’s reliable and easy to handle.

Deciding if double-barrel shotguns are worth buying depends on what you want. They have some good things about them. They’re easy to use and work well, especially if you’re new to shooting or like simple guns. Plus, having two barrels means you can shoot twice without stopping. But they can cost more than other types of guns, so you have to think about your budget. If you like guns that are easy to use and shoot quickly, a double-barrel shotgun might be worth getting.

Double-barrel shotguns usually don’t jam much. They’re simple and have fewer parts that can go wrong compared to other guns. But like anything, if you don’t use the right bullets or if the gun isn’t kept clean, it might jam. So, it’s essential to take care of your shotgun by cleaning it regularly. Despite the small chance of jams, double-barrel shotguns are still reliable and great for hunting, shooting sports, and protecting your home.

Double-barrel shotguns cost more because they’re made with top-notch materials and fancy designs. The wood and metal used are of high quality, which makes them pricier to produce. Also, crafting each barrel perfectly takes time and skill, raising the price. These shotguns often come with special features like fancy engravings or adjustable triggers, adding to their cost. Plus, they’re seen as luxury items, so people are willing to pay more for them. Overall, the combination of top-quality materials, intricate design, and luxury status makes double-barrel shotguns more expensive.

Yes, double barrel shotguns can shoot slugs too. This gives shooters more choices in what they can use. While these shotguns are usually used with regular shotgun shells, they can also work with slugs. This can be handy for hunting bigger animals or for self-defense. Just make sure the shotgun can handle slugs and that the barrel is suitable. With the right care and ammo, double barrel shotguns can handle slugs just fine.

People sometimes cut double-barrel shotguns shorter. This makes them easier to handle. It’s called “sawing off.” Some people do it to hide the gun better or make it easier to use in tight spaces. But doing this is against the law in many places unless you have special permission. Plus, it can make the gun less accurate and safe. It’s important to use guns safely and follow the rules.

It’s not a good idea to dry fire a double barrel shotgun. When you dry fire, you’re basically pulling the trigger when there’s no ammo in the gun. This can damage important parts inside, like the firing pins. Unlike some newer guns that can handle dry firing, double barrel shotguns, especially older ones, can get messed up from it. The firing pins might hit the inside of the gun too hard, causing them to break or get bent. This can also put stress on other parts of the shotgun, like the hinges and barrels, which could make the gun unsafe to use. To keep your shotgun in good shape, it’s best to use snap caps or dummy rounds when practicing without real ammo. These act like real bullets but protect your gun from harm.

A double-barrel shotgun usually holds two bullets. That’s because there are two barrels, and each one can hold one bullet. So, you can shoot two times before needing to reload. Even though it doesn’t hold as many bullets as some other guns, it’s still popular for things like hunting and home defense because it’s powerful and easy to use.

Deciding between a double-barrel and a single-barrel shotgun depends on what you want. A double-barrel shotgun has two barrels, so you can shoot twice before reloading. It’s good for hunting different animals or for shooting sports where you need to shoot quickly. But a single-barrel shotgun is simpler and usually cheaper. It’s lighter and easier to carry, which some people prefer. So, it really just depends on what you like and what you’re using it for.

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