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Custom Airsoft Patches

Welcome to our website, where we specialize in offering premium custom Airsoft patches with low minimum orders at reasonable costs. Our patches are expertly made to guarantee long-lasting beauty and eye-catching designs. From PVC to woven, embroidered, leather, or printed patches, we take great satisfaction in producing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Look through our selection to affordably customize your equipment.

How To Make Custom Airsoft Patches?

Step 1: Have a brilliant design in mind? Share or describe it to us, and we’ll transform it into exceptional custom patches. Whether it’s a logo, artwork, or a unique symbol, we’ll bring it to life with finesse. Start now and witness your ideas evolve into truly remarkable patches!

Step 2: Let us know your preferences, and our expert designers will craft a digital design that aligns perfectly with your vision. Once it’s ready, review and give us the green light if it resonates with what you envisioned.

Step 3: Crafting top-notch patches is our forte. Our team utilizes premium materials to create patches that are nothing short of extraordinary. Your ideas serve as the blueprint for us to create patches that are undeniably impressive!

Custom Airsoft Patches

Airsoft Patches Categories

Explore a diverse range of patch types at Orienstar Patches, meticulously crafted to enhance your Airsoft adventures. Our PVC patches are renowned for their durability, standing strong in challenging outdoor conditions. Discover the classic charm of our embroidered patches, delicately stitched to bring sophistication to your gear. Admire the intricate details of our woven patches and the rugged elegance of our leather patches. Dive into our printed patches collection, offering versatile and vibrant designs. Each category blends style and functionality, ensuring that every patch makes a bold statement on your Airsoft gear.

Pvc Patches

Embark on a journey of enduring style and resilience with our exclusive Airsoft PVC patches at Orienstar Patches. Engineered to conquer the toughest outdoor conditions, our PVC patches epitomize durability and lasting quality. These patches not only brave harsh weather but also showcase vibrant, intricate designs, making them perfect for personalized Airsoft gear. Our diverse PVC collection spans various designs, guaranteeing standout gear that mirrors your individual style on the battlefield. Enhance your Airsoft escapades with our premium, tailor-made PVC patches, engineered to withstand the most demanding challenges while infusing an unmistakable flair into your equipment.

Nazgul pvc patch
Phantom pvc patches
Skull Pvc Patch
Skull Pvc Patch
Custom Airsoft Patches skull
Custom UK Airsoft Patches

Embroidery Patches

Airsoft embroidery patches epitomize timeless craftsmanship and elevated style. Orienstar Patches presents a collection that merges artistry with durability, meticulously crafted to elevate your gear. With intricate designs and vivid details, these patches boldly display your uniqueness on the field. Tailored for Airsoft devotees, our embroidery patches offer a classic, refined aesthetic resilient enough for the most rigorous outdoor play. Explore our diverse range of designs to personalize your gear with these enduring, high-quality patches, infusing sophistication into your Airsoft experience.

Woven Patches

Our woven patches stand as exquisite masterpieces, meticulously crafted to grace your Airsoft gear with finesse and distinction. Marrying durability with intricate designs, these patches provide a distinctive tactile feel, becoming a sought-after choice among enthusiasts. Through a meticulous weaving process, they boast vibrant, enduring designs, each patch narrating its unique story. Delve into our diverse range of woven patches, where artistry intertwines with durability, destined to elevate your Airsoft gear to new levels of individuality and style.

Leather Patches

Elevate your Airsoft gear with enduring and stylish leather patches, epitomizing craftsmanship and rugged allure. Leather Airsoft patches strike a harmonious balance between sophistication and toughness, ideal for infusing a personalized touch into vests, bags, or uniforms. Fashioned from premium-quality leather, these patches endure the rigors of outdoor Airsoft escapades while showcasing intricate designs and meticulous detailing. Enrich your gear with these weather-resistant patches, built to last and effortlessly combining functionality with a dash of timeless style.

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