Voodoo Airsoft Shotgun

Voodoo Airsoft Shotgun Spring Powered Pump Action

Voodoo Airsoft Shotgun
BrandGame Face
Product Dimensions30″L x 11″W x 3″H
Item Weight2 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypesSpring-Piston
Frame MaterialPlastic

About This Item

With this spring-powered single-shot voodoo Airsoft shotgun you may have the utmost power and accuracy. With a 19-round magazine and the ability to shoot 6mm airsoft BBs up to 390 fps (BBs not included), this pump-action beauty promises an exciting game.

Personalisation is essential, and this gun fulfils it! With its Picatinny rails and adjustable stock, you may customise it to fit your own playing style. Furthermore, improved precision and control are guaranteed by the adjustable hop-up system.

The kit comes with removable slings and sling mounts for added convenience, which let you move around the field with ease.

With Game Face, embrace the game and improve your performance. Prepare to take the battlefield by storm like never before!


  1. Realistic appearance
  2. Strong shot
  3. Versatile modes
  4. Durable build
  5. Affordable cost


  1. Limited range
  2. Slow reload
  3. Bulky size

Unveiling the Power and Versatility of Voodoo Airsoft Shotgun

Voodoo Airsoft shotguns are a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts looking for an unmatched experience. These amazing replicas combine usefulness and realism to provide a powerful toolkit that appeals to both professionals and hobbyists.

Realism Redefined

Voodoo Airsoft shotgun is well known for having an incredibly realistic appearance. These reproductions, which are expertly made and meticulously detailed, offer a realistic experience that lends credibility to any situation. These shotguns are authentic to the feel and weight of their real-world equivalents.

Power and Versatility Combined

Voodoo shotguns are notable for having a potent shot. With the ability to fire numerous BBs at once, they provide a greater spread and increased impact, which makes them especially useful in close-quarters fighting situations. Furthermore, several models have flexible modes, such pump action, that enable customisable gaming to accommodate various scenarios and tactics.

Built to Last

A feature of Voodoo Airsoft shotguns is their durability. Because they are made of sturdy materials, these guns can endure harsh outdoor environments and frequent use, guaranteeing their dependability and lifespan. These shotguns are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions as well as rigorous gameplay.


Affordable Excellence

Voodoo Airsoft shotguns provide a great experience at a reasonable cost. Because enthusiasts can afford these shotguns’ features and quality, they are a desirable choice for both novice and expert shooters.

Considerations to Note

Voodoo Airsoft shotguns are excellent in many ways, but they are not without restrictions. Since their effective range is less than that of rifles, close-quarters combat is preferred. Furthermore, it can take time to reload individual shells, and their larger mass may make them less manoeuvrable in confined areas.


Voodoo shotguns are unique in the Airsoft market because they are realistic, robust, and adaptable replicas that improve the gameplay. These shotguns meet the needs of fans looking to get an advantage in their Airsoft activities with their unique blend of power, affordability, and high attention to detail.

Discover the excitement and accuracy of Voodoo Airsoft shotguns, where functionality and realism combine to provide an engaging and engaging gameplay experience.


Shotguns are made to be safe if they accidentally fall. They have special parts and features to stop them from firing if they’re dropped. Gun makers test shotguns a lot to make sure they’re safe. But it’s still important to handle them carefully and keep them stored securely. Following these rules helps keep everyone safe when using shotguns.

“Shotguns fire one large bullet or many little pellets at once, which makes them incredibly powerful weapons. They disperse and deal a great deal of damage across a large area when they strike something. Shotguns come in various varieties. can employ ammunition that has a high damage capacity, like buckshot or slugs. Furthermore, a shotgun’s mere appearance and sound can be horrifying, adding to its potency. Thus, your In many circumstances, shotguns are quite effective due to their broad spread and powerful rounds.”

“Shotguns are really deadly weapons. They’re known for packing a punch, especially up close. Whether for hunting, protecting your home, or by law enforcement, they can cause serious harm to whatever they hit. The pellets or big bullets they shoot can do a lot of damage to tissues. But how lethal a shotgun is depends on things like the type of bullets used and where they hit. So, it’s crucial to handle them safely and get proper training to avoid accidents.”

“Shotguns can definitely damage walls, depending on what they’re made of and how close you are. With powerful ammo like buckshot or slugs, they can punch through drywall or wood pretty easily, especially up close. So, if you’re thinking about using a shotgun for home defense, it’s essential to consider where your shots might end up and to be extra careful.”

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