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Airsoft BBs Pallets

Have you heard of environmentally friendly airsoft bullets? For your games, biodegradable airsoft BBs are unique pellets that decompose organically. They’re excellent for your airsoft battles and incredibly amiable toward the environment. With the accuracy and dependability of these pellets, you can play your games and protect the environment at the same time. Let’s investigate these fantastic biodegradable airsoft bullets and how they enhance the fun of airsoft gaming.

How To Choose The Best Quality Airsoft Bullets BBs

Choosing the best airsoft BB pallets is essential to improving your skills. To begin with, be sure the weight fits your gun; some firearms are better suited for heavier BBs. To ensure smooth shots and gun performance, look for the terms “seamless” and “polished” on the package. Choose biodegradable products if you care about the environment. Additionally, the material counts—better plastic has an impact. Read reviews to find out what other people have to say regarding accuracy and dependability. You’ll discover the ideal airsoft BB pallets for your gameplay by taking into account factors like weight, smoothness, materials, and player reviews.


1. Aim Green BBs 6mm 0.25 gram

Aim green BBs
BrandAim Green Airsoft BBs
Size6 mm
SportTarget Shooting, Airsoft
Item Weight0.25 Grams

About This Item

Upgrade your airsoft experience with our superior AIRSOFT BBS Bullets the best option for those looking for premium munitions. These robust white BBs, which are ideal for tactical gaming and high-precision shooting, are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

Beyond being dependable, our LONG-LASTING AIRSOFT GUN AMMO is also eco-friendly. These BBs are made with biodegradable ingredients, so after 180 days of use, they will naturally break down, reducing their environmental impact. When kept in a handy bottle, they are simple to safeguard and maintain.

Play without interruption using our premium materials. Our ultrasmooth 6mm design and triple polishing of our airsoft BB ammunition ensure less friction, jams, and blockages. Select from a variety of gram and count combinations to precisely match your airsoft accessories.

Our VERSATILE BB-GUN EQUIPMENT works with GBB airsoft guns and rifles as well as spring, gas, CO2, and AEG pistols. Whether you’re practising target shooting or participating in fast-paced competitions, load them into your airsoft rifle and fire away.

With our long-lasting and eco-friendly airsoft BBs, AIM GREEN. Every product is made with great care and precision, using premium, biodegradable materials to assure accuracy and make every shot matter. Use our superior AIRSOFT BBS to boost your airsoft game right now!


  • High precision for accurate shooting.
  • Biodegradable, degrades in 180 days.
  • Smooth design reduces jams.
  • Compatible with various airsoft guns.
  • Convenient bottled container for storage.


  • Short degradation time.
  • Potential higher cost.
  • Biodegradable material might be less durable.

2. Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 6mm BBS Bullets

Elite Force Airsoft BBs
BrandElite Force
Size.20 Gram
Color.20 Gram
Model NamePremium Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBs Ammo

About This Item

With our 2700 Premium Elite Force Biodegradable Airsoft BBs, discover maximum performance. These 0.20-gram, 6mm plastic BBs are finely polished for perfect shooting in your airsoft weapons. These premium BBs are made for the toughest tactical situations and guarantee accuracy and dependability every time you fire.

Enjoy effortless loading and shooting, owing to their refined design. These BBs work with the majority of airsoft weapons and ensure reliable performance, so you can take your tactical games to new levels. Put accuracy and quality first in your airsoft endeavours with these top-notch biodegradable BBs.


  • High-quality, ideal for demanding scenarios.
  • Biodegradable for eco-friendly use.
  • Smooth shooting due to meticulous polishing.
  • Precise 0.20g weight for accuracy.
  • Compatible with most 6mm airsoft guns.


  • A limited quantity of 2700 BBs.
  • Weight may not suit all preferences.
  • Biodegradable material’s potential fragility.

3. Game Face ASP512 Premier 12 Gram 6mm BB Bullets

Red premier ammo
BrandGame Face
SizeOne Size
Model NamePremier Ammo (red) Translucent Ammo – 6mm, .12 Gram, 5,000 Count

About This Item

With 5,000 DOUBLE-POLISHED AIRSOFT BBs, you can up your airsoft game! For dedicated airsoft aficionados, these premium 6mm BBs, weighing 0.12 grams, guarantee top-notch performance. These balls are standardized in size, shape, and weight, which should improve accuracy and make every shot matter.

These BBs, which stand out for being bright crimson, are made for serious airsofters and give your games a more sombre tone. The plastic screw-top jar makes it simple to store them and is perfect for backpacks. It also keeps spills out, so travelling is hassle-free.

Please be aware that airsoft BB guns are the only devices that can use these BBs. With Game Face, you can “BE THE GAME” and improve your airsoft experience. It will add accuracy, dependability, and a ton of fun to your airsoft experiences.


  • 5,000 BBs for extended gameplay.
  • Double-polished for smooth shooting.
  • Consistent size, shape, and weight for accuracy.
  • The vibrant red colour adds seriousness.
  • Screw-top jar prevents spills and easy storage.


  • A low 0.12g weight may not suit all.
  • Limited use for airsofting only.

4. Tactical Force Biodegradable 6mm Bullets

Tactical force BBs ammo
BrandTactical Force
Size.20 Gram
Color.20 Gram
Model NameTactical Force Premium Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBs Ammo
SportAirsoft Tactical & Military

About This Item

With 10,000 Premium Tactical Force Biodegradable Airsoft BBs, you can enhance your airsoft experience. Perfectly constructed, these 0.20 gram 6mm plastic BBs will provide smooth loading and shooting in your airsoft weapons.

These premium BBs are made for the toughest tactical situations and ensure accuracy and dependability every time you fire. They work well with the majority of airsoft guns and provide reliable performance so you can succeed in your tactical tasks.

Select these premium-grade biodegradable BBs to improve your airsoft skills while being ecologically responsible. Quality and performance go hand in hand. Make precise, fluid shots to dominate the field with these premium airsoft BBs.


  • 10,000 BBs for extended play.
  • Smooth loading and shooting.
  • Accurate 0.20g weight.
  • Tailored for tough scenarios.
  • Compatible with most 6mm guns.


  • Possible higher cost.
  • Variable environmental impact.
  • Solely for airsoft guns.

5. Glow in The Dark Airsoft BBS Green Tracer

Glow in the dark Airsoft bbs
Model Name0.25

About This Item

Boost Your Experience Using Biodegradable Tracer BBs in Airsoft!

Experience excellent performance without endangering the environment! Because they are made of environmentally safe materials, our biodegradable Tracer BBs break down naturally and don’t leave any dangerous residue behind. Blow off your cares for the environment and enjoy a first-rate airsoft experience.

Get an Advantage: The quality of your ammunition determines how well you play. For Bolt Action, HPA platforms, Polarstar engines, and more, our seamless, flawlessly polished 6mm beads (industry standard 5.95mm) provide straighter flight, consistent accuracy, and a stunning airsoft experience.

Eliminate misfeeds or jams that end games because reliability matters. We distinguish ourselves from other producers by producing robust pellets free of air bubbles and brittleness from our painstakingly made BBs that pass rigorous examinations in the USA.

Longevity and Convenience: Our BioShot BBs are protected from moisture, light, and oxygen during storage thanks to their resealable bag. Simple storage keeps them ready for use whenever you need them and prevents needless spills.

Trusted Excellence for Over 17 Years: BioShot is a small family-run company that has been in the airsoft business for over 17 years and is dedicated to quality. Our optimized quality control procedures ensure that you receive only the best BBs, offering unmatched performance. Take advantage of the BioShot difference instead of settling for mediocrity.


  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Precise & Accurate Shots
  • Durable & Resistant
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Established Expertise


  • Size Limitation
  • Limited Availability
  • Potential Higher Cost


Discover the best option for environmentally friendly airsoft entertainment with our premium Biodegradable BBs. These bullets are designed to be extremely environmentally friendly, durable, and accurate. Because of our years of knowledge, you can rely on us to deliver amazing results without worrying about the environment. Invest in the best biodegradable BBs available to increase your airsoft experience.


What Are Airsoft Bullets Made Of, And What Do Look Like?

BBs, or airsoft bullets, have a small, round appearance similar to pellets. They often come in a variety of colors, such as white, black, or other vibrant tints, and are composed of plastic or biodegradable material. Typically, these pellets have a diameter of 6 mm, however other kinds of airsoft weapons require varying sizes. They come in a variety of weights and textures; some may be smooth, while others may have ridges or other patterns. You put these tiny pellets into your airsoft rifle in order to fire it during a game. To keep things safe and enjoyable, always use the proper size and kind of BBs for your airsoft pistol!

Do Airsoft Bullets Hurt?

When airsoft bullets strike you, they may sting a little. The distance from the shooter, the bullet’s velocity, and the equipment you’re wearing all affect how painful it is. Occasionally, if the bullet is fired quickly or from close range, it may leave a small, temporary bump or red mark on your body. Wearing protective gear, such as eyewear and thick clothing, greatly reduces pain. To have fun without suffering too many injuries, just be sure to play carefully and according to the regulations.

How To Not Feel Airsoft Bullets?

Wear protective clothing and goggles to lessen your feeling from airsoft bullets. When you’re playing, keep your distance, particularly from quick shots. In order to be safer, some people wear additional padding. These can lessen the pain when playing airsoft games, though you may still feel it occasionally.

Can Eva Foam Stop Airsoft Bullets?

The cushioning qualities of EVA foam make it possible to defend yourself against airsoft bullets, especially when firing at a slower pace or from a distance. Closer range or faster bullets, however, may still cause the impact to be stopped or prevented. The distance from which you are shot, the strength of the airsoft gun, and the thickness of the foam all affect how well EVA foam stops airsoft bullets. Even though EVA foam might provide some protection, wearing the right gear—such as goggles, face masks, and thicker clothing—can increase safety when playing airsoft games.

Can BB Buns Shoot Airsoft Bullets?

Airsoft guns and BB guns are two separate kinds of weapons. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets known as airsoft bullets, whereas BB guns employ metal pellets known as BBs. To guarantee safety and appropriate operation, it’s critical to use the appropriate ammo for each gun. Attempting to fire BB guns with airsoft rounds can lead to both safety risks and gun damage. For optimal performance and safety, always use the right ammunition made for your particular handgun.

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