How Airsoft Shotgun 3-Round Burst Works?

Airsoft shotgun e round brust

Due to their realistic feel and flexible capabilities, airsoft shotguns have become quite popular. The 3-round burst function stands out among the other firing modes as a favourite for many aficionados. We’ll go into the specifics of the operation of the airsoft shotgun 3-round burst in this guide, simplifying the workings for readers.

Understanding the Basics:

Let’s comprehend the basics first before getting into the details. Because they are made to function like actual guns, airsoft shotguns give gamers a realistic shooting experience. During gameplay, the 3-round burst mode offers tactical advantages and improves realism.

1. Mechanical Components:

A variety of shooting modes are made possible by the mechanical parts that airsoft shotguns are fitted with. The firing mechanism, gearbox, and trigger assembly are the main parts.

2. The Gearbox:

The gearbox is the heart of any airsoft gun, and shotguns are no exception. It houses gears, springs, and a piston, responsible for propelling BBs down the barrel. In the case of 3-round burst shotguns, the gearbox is specially configured to achieve this firing mode.

3. Trigger Assembly:

  • The trigger assembly determines how the gun responds to user input. In shotguns with 3-round burst capability, the trigger assembly is designed to detect and process three consecutive trigger pulls to initiate the burst.

Working of 3-Round Burst Mode:

Now, let’s unravel the magic behind the 3-round burst mode in airsoft shotguns.

1. Sequential Trigger Pulls:

When the player pulls the trigger once, the gearbox is engaged, and a single BB is propelled forward. However, with the 3-round burst mode, subsequent trigger pulls within a short time frame will result in additional shots.

2. Time Delay Mechanism:

To prevent accidental firing of the entire burst with a single trigger pull, a time delay mechanism is integrated. This ensures that the three rounds are fired only when the trigger is pulled in quick succession.

3. Resetting the Mechanism:

After the burst is completed, the mechanism resets, requiring the player to release the trigger fully before initiating another burst. This adds an element of control and realism to the gameplay.

Advantages of 3-Round Burst in Airsoft Shotguns:

The incorporation of the 3-round burst mode offers several advantages for airsoft enthusiasts:

1. Precision and Accuracy:

Players can increase their chances of hitting the target by using the burst mode, which enables them to fire a controlled and precise volley of shots.

2. Realism in Gameplay:

Airsoft conflicts are more realistic overall and offer a more immersive experience when the shooting patterns of actual firearms are mimicked.

3. Tactical Advantage:

In situations where timing and accuracy are vital, the capacity to fire three rounds in rapid succession gives players a tactical advantage.


In conclusion, the airsoft shotgun’s 3-round burst mode gives the game a thrilling new element. Knowing the workings of this feature improves your appreciation of the technology and enables you to make tactical choices on the field. Gaining proficiency in the 3-round burst can take your airsoft experience to new levels, regardless of experience level.

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